My First Exhibition in New York

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3 acts

Peace and Blessings,

I have not been here a long time. For those of you close to Brooklyn, see if you can make it coming Friday, it promises to be interesting.

28 September 2018


St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Str. Brooklyn Heights





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Finally a 3rd issue .

It has taken many years for the third issue of mierkat to arrive,
the first starting in 2007 in Berlin.
This time there will only be one hundred copies. The photographs are
printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel 160gsm paper, and hand-bound. The cover
is embossed in silver and each copy will be numbered and signed by hand.

The books will be selling for $100 each which includes postage.
The books will take up to a month to arrive as they are produced on order.





Shakespeare Unplugged

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Peace and Blessings.

Every so often a project comes along that inspires one. Inspires one to contribute to the society that one lives in. This particular projects involves youth at risk, and youth in conflict with the law. In collaboration with  The Independent Theater Movement of South Africa ( http://www.southafricantheatre.org/) , the Ottery Youth Care and Education Centre has embarked on an ambitious heartfelt project to introduce the youth of the centre to one of  Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Julius Ceasar.

The performance starts tonight, and will run for the next 3 nights at the centre in Plantation Road Ottery (https://maps.google.co.za/maps?q=Plantation+Road,+Ottery&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x1dcc439fb26e08e7:0x918b99747d6b9aee,Plantation+Rd&gl=za&ei=MlXNUeOvKaia0AW-p4D4BA&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA) . All the performances are free!

Here is an opportunity to show your support to the young men who come from very difficult backgrounds, by encouraging them with your presence.

If you would like to publish a story on this remarkable project please contact Seraj Jenkins for further details and a possible interview at

0723926947 and Tauriq Jenkins at : 0763099073