day 2

peace and blessings.

thus the second day of blogdom dawns. i forgot to mention yesterday that any of the images you see are for sale , if you need to hang one of these images from your wall desperately , a plan can be made in a reasonable fashion i am sure!

i selected 3 more pictures for the postcard series , and i have a feeling that there is going to be many more , so keep track.  i realised yesterday that the  postcards are also a good value for money collection of photography , and who knows it may end up adorning peoples walls as well as being posted to all corners of the world (nudge nudge).

yesterday i dropped some cards off at african collections on greenmarket square, and i am excited to see what the next 3 look like once printed . you have the unfair advantage of seeing them before they hit the print .


yes we have autumn leaves in cape town
yes we have autumn leaves in cape town



to be severely honest i took this photo from the window of my nissan 1400 bakkie (south african for pick up truck , but a much smaller version in this instance) driving along edinburough  drive  towards the city at the onset of winter, which last year  demanded to be taken seriously!


khayelitsha , spine rd turnoff ,from the N2
khayelitsha , spine rd turnoff ,from the N2



during my wonderings in the biggest township in the western cape , i (as an unashamed meat lover ) would start salivating to the olfactory symphony , the steak and sausage sections featuring prominently , that would assail my nostrils upon entry. alas , to my disappointment i never  really was tempted to actually try because of the hygiene element that wasn’t always great…. until that is , i found this gem !!! as you take the spine road turn off from the N2 into khayelitsha , you will pass a little traffic circle (where the army training camp is ) and then on your left you will see a row  of shops like the one above , selling delicious wood grilled beef and sausage . imagine my joy when i discovered that the meat was halaal !! this photo was taken on the 3rd outing there. i strongly recommend this venue for an “authentic township” meal (what is that anyway ??). what i mean by authentic is that  firstly you don’t see ANY tourists ,you park your car on the pavement ,you walk past a couple of township dogs waiting for scraps ,you are stared at ( in a ” i don’t know why you here , but welcome anyway ” kind of way), and lastly gingerbeer is available!

if anyone is interested in going, please contact me, an perhaps we could arrange a group ……  better … you pay for my gas , and my meat and  i’ll take you!!

anyhow , on the the next one…..

why would anyone lock their light
why would anyone lock their light?

this is the second image in one day that is connected to food. there is a little place in downtown cape town , where you can by a wholesome meal consisting of either a curry , or chicken , or beef with pap (maize meal , the african staple ) for R20,00. this translates to about 2  euro. it is run by a very friendly man who goes by the name of hashim . walking through the alley way out the back(the kind of alley you can only get between 2 high buildings) to get to the toilet i found this strange state of affairs …..

in cape town one of the biggest scourges  wreaking havoc in initially  the poorer suburbs , notably the cape flats , and then spreading insidiously  everywhere else , is tik aka. methamphetamine . the process of getting high involves using a glass bulb , in some cases specially made (a “lolly” ) but more commonly ,your stock standard everyday variety light bulb.  

now one can look at the metaphor of the light being caged …. and what that means to you , or me , or whether it is even possible ? caging light?

one could also just , now that one knows the story , accept the fact that hashim wasn’t having any more bulb stealing , not if he had anything to do with it that is .

so comes the end of the second post . i look forward to feedback , feedforward, or straight forward feeding if there is lamb or beef involved ( no offense to my vegetarian friends out their , especially not weaam and naf , who fed me unannounced a delicious veg curry !)



Published by yasserbooley

I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

2 thoughts on “day 2

  1. Beautifull pictures with soo much to learn about the African people and how they live their lives. I get the impression that the element of suspicion is still very strong in most of the pictures. i.e the reaction of the people in Khilitsha and the locking of the bulb box.
    Peace brother, we shall get there.

  2. oh, fabulous yasser man – it excites me to know that on a frequent basis i can interact with your neverending talent… you eye is magnificent for seeing these various facets of our life and capturing them with such beauty…. next time i’m in town, i’m off to find those postcards. nice one. i like the commentary too. a good reflection of elements of our world…. 🙂

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