something is better than nothing….

or is it…. well , time will tell , it is early days yet .


kite flying in inhambane
kite flying in inhambane

for those of you who know me this  image may be familiar , its the son of the taylor on the side of the road who made 2 shirts for me . there was a time that i shot everything with my 28mm, mainly becausefor a long time that was the only lens i had .

the next shot also has a light feature…embrace

i have been working for esp afrika for the last 5 years or so. i got connected through a good friend , also a hot photographer , shadley lombard . this character( above) was the trumpet player for a seriously cool hip hop outfit from holland ….hmmm i may be mistaken , so if you know better , please inform me !!

gotto run , looking for a beautiful and cheap house to live in the city bowl , sound impossible…. lets see!




Published by yasserbooley

I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

3 thoughts on “something is better than nothing….

  1. Hey Hey…

    Im not sure…but I think that the hip hop outfit from Holland could be Pete Philly and Perquisite !!!!
    They played the jazz festival one year and blew everyone away…..
    Otherwise all good and blog lookin HOTTT !!!!

  2. Wow… Shukran brother for your generosity in opening up your world view to us through this blog… I’m humbled and also… i want the kite flight in inhambane pic for my wall please… on a box wider and longer than the one i have from you of the township muslim girls (it was the bigger of the three, you remember?) by about 5cm bothways. make sense?

    1. salaam Zolani… thank you very much again…. have you found a good space to hang the photo?
      i hope so. the new mierkat is in production and should be out very soon, there’s only a hundred so don’t take too long to place your order…:)
      take care sister

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