its a big world out there….

for the first time this afternoon i ventured out into what i believe is called the bloggosphere (please correct if thats wrong ) and its huge….

so many people… so many messages … so many images…. 

first things first though …

peace and blessing be with you .



more and more , people are embracing islam in the townships of cape town , and south africa in fact. i worked for a monthly newspaper called community news for 1 year , and  one of the stories i had to cover , was a trip to signal hill organised for muslim youth from the township  during ramadan. this picture was taken on the bus trip.

in the eye of the beholder...
in the eye of the beholder...

when i first got my digital camera, i was taking pictures of everything , including the kitchen sink… the sink happens to be in an old farm house , the actual farmhouse for the area that is now called kenwyn. i was graciously allowed  board and lodging for no cost for at least 3 months… you know who you are , thanks bru !!!


inner city green
inner city green

in the middle of the city , we find the company gardens , established by the “company”  in this instance the VOC or , dutch east india company , to grow the essential fruit and vegetables so needed by the scurvy riddled sailors rounding the tip of africa in their perilous quest for the east. it is also surprisingly peaceful , and typically filled with midday snoozers , 1st daters , “i want somewhere peace full to eat my lunch ” office workers , squirrels , egyptian geese , sea gulls and pigeons. 

okay, now i need to go and organise ten photographers to photograph the pre opening of parliament , hosted by the anc ….



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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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