figment of my imagination…

peace and blessings be with you.

just  in case you think that everything i am talking bout is a figment of my imagination ….

the real tamburai
the real tamburai

remember in the beginning …the really cool coffee/design shop , and the really cool people who run it?  well , i took these pictures there the afternoon of the official launch of the mall , 210 on long. 


& the real ahmed
& the real ahmed

did i mention that the launch was a real success , with lots of people in attendance …..and now that you know that they “really” exist  , please feel free to visit them!!yasser_booley_20090204_15266                                                     mse ( pronounced mmmse’)

did i mention  that i actually went to the steak spot in the township last week sunday  again…. with thomas , my homza ( colloquial for bru …colloquial  for good friend lit. brother) from austria visiting the mother city with hemma ,  the sister of my brother-in law zaid….. gottit?  ( if you think my family  connections puzzle you now, wait a while… i got a moerse  [ afrikaans for very big ] family )

anyhow… i bumped  into mse  there , performing with his best friend , form the eastern cape ….. if you want to see  those images , please remind me, as i have to resize the images etc, etc and wont have time to do it all now .


a little bit of self  promotion!!!
a little bit of self promotion!!!

i’m allowed to okay!!:) anyway , the conceptology  behind the presentation  has nothing to do with me .. its all my wife’s doing … really…  quite cool no?

its a scorcher in cape town today ,and i missed the opportunity to go swim at kajalas (our very own , secret “private” beach ) as friday is family night , and i dont want to arrive at me mama’s too late , besides , as per the advice of a certain mr. adams , its crucial to post regularly….:)

there are one or two people who actually look forward to seeing the new posts , THANK YOU !!!!!



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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

2 thoughts on “figment of my imagination…

  1. A scorcher in Cape Town….a Swim at Kajalas…and supper at your Mama’s place – PLUS UPDATING the blog….YAAW !!!
    Better you figure that one out homey :))
    Shot for the updates…ps. Anna sent off some postcards to Norge already 😉 !

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