another new week has begun…

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peace and blessings be with you.

we are well on our way , and making good progress into the month of february… time is as ever slipping through our fingers and all we can hope for is that we somehow are living in a way that impacts our immediate environment in a way that contributes . living in a way that has regard for what lies above and beyond the apparent “reality” or is that “apparent” reality ?

last week i went to delft …yasser_booley_20090204_14979                                                             delft…

working as a photographer has its advantages… sometimes work takes you to the places that you need to see, even though ordinarily you would not make the missions of getting there . delft is one of those places …

windswept and sandy, the kind of sand that gets every …. delft is on the cape flats, one of the areas set aside for low cost housing for the poor, one of the areas set aside  by the ANC (african national congress , viz. the ruling party in south africa) to do a door to door campaign for the upcoming elections.

the anc's door to door campaign in delft

the anc's door to door campaign in delft

the interesting thing about the western cape ( the province that i live in) is that it has never been one of the places where the ANC won an outright electoral victory. delft is a very interesting place in that traditionally and here i mean as a result of the “tradition ” of apartheid  people of different race classifications “naturally ” stayed in groups , though among the more affluent middle class the mixing of races is more prevalent, but in delft , the poor black , and coloured live together … 


living in delft

living in delft

i am no political analyst , so perhaps i should leave the social theories to the socialists….hmmm thats not right is it? anyway , what i do know is what i hear when i speak to people . the ruling party has been in power for almost one and a half decades and many people want change. they want change in their living conditions, change in the crime situation, change in the employment levels ….

don’t get me wrong, i favour no political party, i favour people. a political party by its definition must have vested interests…. it must win to acquire a majority , to acquire decision and policy making power and ultimately the power to a large extent to decide the direction and flow of resources… is there any other option in our “modern” era?

i do not know , but what i do know that our “modern” era itself is a conglomeration of concepts , cognitive structures and meanings that has gained supremacy to the detriment and leading to the disappearance of others. democracy could be one of them for all i know….

maybe a bit to much rambling today, interested to hear your thoughts.



ps. thanks to all die hard yasserbooley blogspot checkers out there!!:)

  1. rambling   /ˈræmblɪŋ

    –adjective 1. aimlessly wandering.
    2. taking an irregular course; straggling: a rambling brook.
    3. spread out irregularly in various directions: a rambling mansion.
    4. straying from one subject to another; desultory: a rambling novel.

    So thats the definition for “rambling”…..guess we could focus on one point…if I could choose then it would be to discuss where your vote might go…. :p

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