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peace and blessings be with you.

i went and watched a play by Shakespeare called “as you like it” last night at the maynardville open air theatre last night i strongly recommend it to those in the city as its the last week. it was brilliant!!! it was very well adapted to the south african context though still maintaining all the subtleties and nuances of old will. i was inspired  by the use of language and reminded at the same time of its value beyond the mere communication of a message.

anyway i wanted to tell all about a new page that went up earlier (ten minutes ago) upon which i shall put my published work ( self and otherwise ) look at published above…


oh really...?

oh really...?

to keep the flow going , here’s a moment i waited for , having spotted what must be someone’s work of art on a wall in the city …any ideas whose responsible for the turquoise stripes ?

take care , be safe..



  1. the turquoise stripes you refer to are courtesy of our wonderful city management who are opposed to any forms of self expression in public spaces unless sanctioned by the conservative powers that be. to achieve these banal works of art, the homeless and jobless, employed through a catholic run organisation, traverse the city in search of any offensive graffiti and duely paint over them.

    • thanks , never knew that…. though in a way , the stripes do make for interesting art in itself , almost like an anti art art….
      do you know of any other anti art art in the city ?

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