what is freedom…?

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peace and blessings be with you .

maybe far to an ambitious topic for the short space of time i have to upload todays images?

spread your wings....

spread your wings....

i took this picture in berlin almost a year and a half ago… to be completely honest , i cropped this image from a picture i took almost a year and a half ago…!

when i asked the question , i was thinking of all the  many different dimensions , concepts and definitions that freedom possess. there is one man in particular that i am thinking of , miyere ole miyendazi  , quite a mouth full right  , wait till you hear what he has to say…. http://www.maasaiwarrior.com

miyere ole miyendazi

miyere ole miyendazi

… a picture i took of miyere at andre’s farm in tamboerskloof  for publicity for an interactive exhibition conceptualized by miyere called “NO BORDERS”.


maasai warrior on long street...

maasai warrior on long street...

the above picture i took when i met miyere , actually , the first time i saw him , i had to look again.. loping with the graceful gate of a gazelle on a cloudy day in the mother city ,the ochre and  red clad maasai warrior stood out like a sore thumb on a foot … i remember twitching involuntarily as i scrambled for my camera… then i remember thinking  no , not now… if i see him again , i will  approach him. that same afternoon i saw him in the company gardens , walked up , and introduced myself to him. this was 4 years ago…? is that right ? anyhow, at the time i was working for the mail&guardian and organised for us to do an article on his mission.

i think freedom is a theme that we shall return to again and again , we all have a notion of it , what it relates to and how we meant to ” achieve ” it.

i hope everyone had a wonderful thursday !



  1. It is very true Booley. It is said that in need freedom is latent and the smallest minority of all is the individual. You are a snipper with your camera, ne!

    Peace and strength to you and all the best in your sojourns.

    NB: Bad is relative and it should be cherished as part of life.

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