aluta continua

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the struggle continues...

the struggle continues...

peace and blessings be with you.

like the picture above , which comes from a demonstration organised by the south african communist party  , where people were protesting against the xenophobic attacks that   spread like a cancer through south africa not too long ago , i protest !!

i protest and i console myself at the same time , i i console myself because i now know that i am doing the right thing by creating an alternative to the photo editor project manager from cape town path in my photographic career. i got informed today , 3  days before the “job” was meant to start , that it was given to someone else. the only reason i  found this out at all ,  was because i went in to find out in person. 


if only i had a whistle!!

if only i had a whistle!!

so generally ,  i am of the opinion that affirmative action has no place in a society where respect exists and people are evaluated on the basis of their ability. particularly today i find myself feeling that especially in cape town it is a necessary, and possible to please be directed at …….. !!! no , thats not what this blog’s about , though there are somethings that exist in our society that need to be opened like that proverbial can of worms….

the only other possibility is that i am completely crazy … though i think i am not. 

down with gatekeepers down!!!




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