packing up….

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muizenberg beach...

muizenberg beach...

peace an blessings be with you.

aka , surfers corner …. and we leaving , well in a manner of speaking. slowly our intentions and energies are being directed to packing up the beautiful house that we have been living in for the last year , which is about ten minutes walk from the above . i must admit that i have calmed down considerably since my last post … i find myself rather encouraged to put more effort into self marketing and “self” sustainability as it were. 

i forgot to mention that the post cards are now also available at “helloagain” in bloem street, 41 was it ? thanks lyn , for putting on the final touches. 

also the cards have been going steadily from u&me  at 210 long street , thanks to ahmad & tamburai. yasser_booley_20071223_4377                                  wind in the reeds

sometimes all one longs for is to be taken by the Wind and blown to where we need to be…… is not always easy to let go   and be taken. which is why we have sometimes to push a little , close our eyes a little , and leap blindly a little….

vuil plak...

vuil plak...

this is for all the folk out there who keep going , day in and day out , keeping their chins up , and their hearts Light.



  1. inspiration for all… we all need reminding from time to time to let go ‘ to let go and learn to swim’ in many aspects of life! thank you!!

  2. I love the photo of the reeds 🙂
    have a nice day

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