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peace and blessings be with you .




this is my screen save , this is the  arabic word which means light… light has many meanings …it is a currency , it is an understanding …. it is an unveiling  , and it is dedicated to everyone who sees it . it is especially dedicated to jon and lily with best wishes for their marriage !!! thank you for your support , it is much appreciated.

enjoy the ride..

enjoy the ride..

the dash of abdul aziz’s beautiful merc  , which he graciously allowed me to use for a test shoot … 

there are signs that we encounter when we undertake a journey …. sometimes glaringly obvious and necessary , sometimes more hidden , but as glaringly  necessary …. people in their everyday existences give and receive signs and we see them with the lenses of our own idiosyncratic momentary fluctuations . (does that make sense? , it  feels right ..ish) this is in-fact a volatile cocktail that can leave composure and peace in ruptured shards if we refuse to recognize our “selves” in the whole business. righteous indignation becomes the detonator , and a chain reaction of   incredible proportions can ensue , depending on the hardness of the head and the thickness of the skins of those involved. 

breathing deep , calculating the actual “damage ”  ( ie , not the damage to the ego and pride ) are all coping mechanisms,  and then , to seal the deal as it were , the realisation that in any way , we are all , yes , every single one of us , a collection of particulars , particle in nature , that blip in and out of existence a million times in the time it takes you to say blip…..  so why the fuss?

easier said than done , most definitely , practice what you preach , eventually insha Allah . 




and now for something completely different….

i like the  colour of this wall , what it has to do with relationships , atoms  , or eruptions i dont know.

have a wonderful weekend everyone !!



  1. Yip Yip….

    Hope things are going well on that side homes…it was lekker seeing you Fri at U&Me….The rugby was JaaaaaaaaaaaS….Stormers won…either way, Im always an energizer bunny when it comes to live entertainement…So the move – Things sorted…. ? I’ll keep the word out there.
    Ps. Inspiring words homes !!!

  2. get outta here!
    fabulous blog, awesome pictures
    how crazy that we live in this same little dorpie but yet must meet again on the world wide web…

    • you still in obz? how is the kids…. how many do you have ?:) and charl??
      groot groete na julle amal!!


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