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peace and blessings be with you .

the last time I uploaded to the site  must be over one week ago at least. everything that we own in the way of furniture as well things too big to put in the car has been put into storage. this is where this post should actually begin , and that is by saying a very grateful thank you to the men from ASSIST-U-MOVE. initially we were meant to move two days earlier though we changed our minds when the men from the previous moving company arrived and literally balked at the sight of the stairs that was their lot, numbering approximately 50 , uneven , and constructed from mountain rock it more resembled the well-known platteklip gorge hiking trail that takes one to the top of table mountain than a stairway. combine this with the formidable collection of cupboards dating back to when my mothers parents married and you shall understand why  I bare no grudge towards the initial team for turning  around almost immediately. I would like to at this stage highly recommend the above company to any one who has the laborious task of relocating home from cape town to anywhere in the country….


…….on to new frontiers…


new horizons

new horizons

did I mention that it feels amazing ? during the process a realization was reached, one that pointed to the fact that we have too much clothes , i.e. some the items had not been worn in one year!! had I been wealthy enough to qualify to pay Zakat ( “an annual payment taken from livestock, certain kinds of agricultural produce, and monetary wealth and goods provided they exceed a minimum amount and have been owned for at least one year “  it is obligatory on all Muslims as it one of the five pillars of Islam ) I think we would be eligible to pay an amount based on the unworn clothing.  as it turned out, this was the criteria we used when deciding what to keep, and what to let go.

letting go...

letting go...

so now that a large percent of our baggage has been removed the heady feeling related to the unrestricted capacity to move has coloured the mundane with an exciting hue of possibility……




like many things in life, the things we strain towards, the goals we desire, the successes we wish for, are things we focus on. stay focused on the light, is a reminder to me and you… its all very simple in theory, to strive towards that which our heart desires we must act accordingly, though often we find ourselves off course as it were, “floating” in see of indecision and indifference, yes, our vision becomes impaired and we see things “wrong”  with ourselves, with others etc, etc, etc. as you may guess, this is a familiar ground for me. take the time, make the time to do what is important for you. this is my advice to me and you. if we take the opportunity to count all the things that are “right” with ourselves , taste buds for example , I am sure it would outweigh by far the things that we think are “wrong” with ourselves.


sometimes its possible to stay the course, hold the line, and yes persevere and it is then, on account of the belief that you invest that you move so swiftly your feet hardly touches the ground……









  1. Aaaaaaah Good to have you back homes ! I kinda wondered where you been and how things have been in terms of the move and sorting all of that out. This might sound lame now,but we (Anna and myself) where going to call and find out how things where cos we where up super early on Sunday to watch the start of the Argus tour. Once they left we where kinda up and ready to do stuff. It was then that the whole traffic situation dawned on us and literally crushed all hoped of navigating our way south….

    Either way…stoked that you sorted homes !!!!

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