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peace and blessings be with you.


there are few challenges when faced with the task of posting daily, especially when one wants to present quality imagery, and content ie words that do not totally destroy  the various moods induced by the images.

I shall therefore keep the content in this post to a minimum.


the m5 at night...

the m5 at night...


driving from the city centre for about 8 minutes on the N2 one encounters the m5, running perpendicularly…. this is one of the main roads running from milnerton on the west coast to muizenberg on the east. it also tends to be on of the most congested roads in morning traffic!  I found it one evening resting magically in a haze of mist.


petrol, diesel and beautiful light...

petrol, diesel and beautiful light...

the 2 main points connecting this and the previous image is that what is produced at this installation is used to power the vehicles that travel on the previous main road , and many others all over the country, at a slightly increased price 46cent / liter if I am not mistaken due to the petrol price increase recently. a fire burning in the field next to the petrol refinery added the photogenic haze.







  1. Dear Yasser, we all love particularly your beautiful lights and freedom birds and enjoy the new updates on your blog – beyond all words and fantastic pictures we lookforward v.v much to meeting and getting to know you – the girls are particularly excited about ‘uncle Yasser’ comming to visit. Hope all is well with you. much love and greatings from us all – Family Park.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hello the family Park, thank you so much for supporting me by visiting the site, and yes, thank you very much little ladies for typing and posting a comment! i really do appreciate it very much. I cannot wait to meet you all properly, and see the Scotland that Khayra dreams about, all the places she’s told me about, and all the people she loves dearly.
      the very best of greetings and love .
      the Booley clan!
      ps, please pass on greetings and a hug to mum!

  2. HELL YEA !!!!

    I always thought that the M5 somehow just written off as the black sheep of motorways in terms of its artistic appeal. I used to drive that strip day in and day out for about 10years and always thought it had a charm of its own…but also thought that i was the only one that thought so. HEhehehe

    So shot for bringing her to life….the M5 rocks !!

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