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peace and blessings be with you .


the places that I find myself working most often tend to be coffee shops that have free wireless, common enough I suppose, but free coffee and food ???

that’s not exactly the case, though it is certainly surprising when you get asked to pay how much  you thought the meal was worth….

welcome to weineraai , berlin , germany…





situated in prenslauerberg this was one of the my first “offices” in berlin. the people are friendly, the coffee is good, and so is the light.


a bit closer to home…

I took the train from muizenberg this morning and foolishly paid for a ticket to five stops before cape town station as I had heard  about a delay at salt river station(2 stops before) and thought I would be clever by getting of the train and taking a minibus taxi!! DID I MENTION THAT IT MUST BE CLOSE TO 36 deg c  IN THE CITY TODAY! I eventually got to the city, and made my way to my first appointment vie Government Avenue running through the Gardens and that’s where I met Isaac…yasser_booley_20090306_16979

who was born and bread in gugulethu, cape town. the hat he is wearing is from 1983, and belonged to his grandmother , who was Sotho. it is easy to forget the actual diversity that is present in the mother city…. Isaac is an aspiring animation artist currently working as an intern at  clockwork zoo.


further along my walk I encountered another reminder




and that is that capetonians know how to kick back and relax, hence the nickname (mainly given to us by people from up north) “slaapstad” which rhymes with kaapstad (Afrikaans for cape town) ans means sleep city.


I hope you have a splendid weekend, and if you in cape town that you get to take a dip in one of the oceans at our disposal!


before I go, just to give you an idea of my current “office”










  1. So whats the dealio in terms of where you staying…..has that been sorted yet homes?
    Are you guys still staying in Muizens….
    ps. How much for the pic of the M5? 😉

    • you really want the M5 pic ? how big would you like it?
      ps, i donint final touches on mierkat today , and there should be some issues out tomorrow insha Allah.

  2. I love the way you see life Yasser and have always done so. Its so nice to have a daily update, it brings me closer to you when you seem quite far off for whatever reasons (life, work, bank battles).

    • baie dankie dame, dis baise gaaf van jou!! looking forward to dinner with you and the doc!!


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