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peace and blessings be with you .

 Did you know that bread used to be the centre of the table, and everything else meaning the sauces, vegetables, meat etc was there to accompany it? I didn’t either. Today, this noble staple food has been relegated into the lunch box by and large,  and rarely is to been anywhere near the tables centre. I myself form part of the generation of white bread eaters, the crustless doughy stuff that has been bleached clean of the nutritional values table. At about this stage the masses are stilled and the angelic music starts…..  the curtains open and the drum roll reaches a pitch….



Actually the “S”  stands for seeds, sunflower seeds, or maybe the “S” is actually for sunflower?  I consider myself thoroughly re-educated with regards to bread.

The reason for my re-education, a baker called Hassan, in a tiny  bakery called “Le Petit Boulangerie” . Before I had no idea about sour dough, natural yeast, or organic flour. That the crust of a bread featured  in the digestive processes of the human body was news to me.


sourdough, organic, delicious...
sourdough, organic, delicious...

Hassan used to run the “wellbeing”,  a centre for acupuncture, massage therapy, organic vegetables, really good coffee, and most importantly the birthing ground for his incredibly delicious bread. Since then he has moved premises, occupying a smaller space, but focusing on the bread, muffins and coffees, which we with a certain regularity make our collective duties to finish off on Sunday mornings when we swamp the little courtyard at the back.


(from left to right) Haj Abdul Aziz and Adnan in the courtyard of Le Petit Boulangerie
(from left to right) Haj Abdul Aziz and Adnan in the courtyard of Le Petit Boulangerie

It is our normal meeting place on a Sunday morning, where we usually grab a muffin and a coffee  before we decide where we are surfing that day.

For those of you who need to see it to believe it, Le Petit Boulangerie is in Kilarney street i.e.  you coming from the city via the M3, on to the main road, and eventually turn left at the robots (which is what we South Africans call traffic lights….Really!)  go under the overhead metal train bridge, and take the first left after…. Kilarney !!

I strongly recommend the chocolate muffins if you do manage to make your way there. 

ps, recently i’ve been told the bread has been sold out by 11am, so i would recommend getting there early.







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