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This is my work...

This is my work...

Peace and Blessings be with you.


On the 17th  July 2004 Phillip and myself got a lift from his long time friend Mr. Brown from CID security, from  the Caltex petrol station in buitengracht street. He has been working there for 20 years when I took these photographs. 

I have been for the longest time wanting to do a series of stories on everyday South Africans who slip through the cracks of our notice, or fly below the Radar of our observation. Someone asked me one day why Phillip ? I ten realised that if there were some serum, substance that in my  mind, “made” or “defined” a “South African” i would go to Phillip with a syringe and extract it from his blood stream…


phillip and his wife..

phillip and his wife..

In hindsight, I realised that e was not the Ideal “South African”, but   the Ideal Human being. I met him because I constantly visited the petrol station as it was the closest to my house in bo-kaap at the time. One evening I jokingly said to him that I would love to visit him, and see where he lived and without missing a beat he cracked a big smile and said that I was most welcome!



opening the spaza shop..

opening the spaza shop..

Time has caught up with me, so alas tis the end of my commentary, though i shall put up the last images, and if anyone would like some more information please leave a comment.


Ronald ... a neighbour..

Ronald ... a neighbour..

All these images were shot with my beloved Yashika , hand held of course..


arriving at cape town station the next morning..

arriving at cape town station the next morning..

 So why Phillip…? Because Phillip put his son through varsity on a petrol attendant salary, plans the new year with his family as a team, after reviewing the last one, weighing up their achievements and plotting the course forward. At the time, his wife worked 3 days a week as a Char ( a house cleaner), and managed the Spaza shop in the front of the 1 bedroom shack. He also bought burger patties  from a Muslim butcher on the Cape Flats and sold it to people in the city.









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