Peace and Blessings be with you .


urban guerilla zurich
urban guerilla zurich

The above shot was taken in one of the “ghettos” in Zurich, at an artist exchange project i participated in thanks to the Swiss Arts Council (Pro Helvetia) . I put “ghetto’s” in inverted commas because it is not a universal concept, like many things , one mans prison is another mans oasis. 

27 days and counting by the Grace of The Maker. This is the time left before our departure for the UK, where I look forward to meet the family of my wife, and see the beautiful countryside  of Scotland.

27 days to organize a fundraising Forexhibition in the city and have canvas prints made to take with me.  27 days to make contact with , and submit proposals for exhibitions in the UK. Lots to do you say? Yes.

The time has come to mobilize!! Anyone out there who can assist in anyway, this is your chance to come to the front !


the calm before....
the calm before....

I have completely neglected to mention my THANKS to TBIRD, ALLISON & JABS for purchasing mierkat , 95 to go!!!  

the new Ray-Ban commercial...
the new Ray-Ban commercial...

Abduraghmaan was one of the participants of a training project in district 6 that we were part of a few years ago, as members of mopp (month of peoples  photography) . Myself and Abdul did a course in magasine production where Abdul Taught about visual literacy and design, and i focused on re-indoctrination , the process of migrating from the media ruminant to media originator.



 To end todays post i thought this image of 3 sisters that i took on Baden Powell at the fish stand their father works at. Children are pure, we tarnish them by what we expose them to, or we nourish them by what we expose them to, of us and our environment.




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