beginning again…?

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Peace and Blessing be with you.

the whole picture...

the whole picture...

I want to start this post with a quote i got off a friends site…

“whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” – Goethe.

Thank you for that Ayyub!! To say that the last few days have been eventful would be an understatement of note! To be nakedly honest there were at least 3 occasions where my wife managed to convince me that i should not just throw up my hands and call it quits . Thank you peanut !!! 

If my maths is (or is that are?) correct  , then we are now on day (at least ) 9 since the “lets have a photo exhibition”  idea became a “reality” . no money to speak of, no money to speak of , did i mention that i did not have a cent in my pocket? 

I am a very grateful man … and i would like o thank everyone for their support and good energy. I need to thank The Burgess brothers from fine art framers in dorp street cape town, they came in at the moment just after the last one, and decided to help out with the framing and block mounting of more than half of the images. To Henry Ludsky  of Cape Africa Media, who printed my work at personal cost to himself , to Cyril ,who stayed late laying out my prints , To Mirjam and Lebo from the Cape Africa Platform for conspiring with Providence to provide a space for this exhibition, and of course my Incredible Wife, for changin my mind when she needed to, for oushing through exhaustion to help and support . Alghamdulillah wa Shukrillah!

Now the photo above …. you remember the days of film? 8 out of 10 times my best shot would be my first one, and ten out of ten times it would resemble the one above! the beginning of the light sensitive chemicals on the negative…. its a habit i could not shake, grew to love, from the days where every frame counts. i  would like to do a book one day and call it “firsts” . so anyone out there interested , get your people to speak to my people.  Why the photo above ?

The edge of consciousness in a way is what it  represents in my mind, the beginning of recognition, the start of the act of realising… pick one that feels good to you.






  1. Moving words. And gorgeous, beautiful, poetic photograph. I’d love that on my wall some day . . . when I have a wall . . . X

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