Great Glemham House, Suffolk

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Peace and Blessings be with you .

The day after the wedding we took the opportunity to go for a walk around the grounds of Great Glemham House.

The story bench...

The story bench...

This image i call the story bench for 2 reasons, firstly this is where i picture children sitting around their grandmother while she reads to them and secondly, itself is wrapped in the magical light that one finds in stories .




Have you ever considered what it must be like to see in the spectrums of bees or butterflies? To think that the entirety of the beautiful rich red, the texture of the petals, the shape of the stalk, the patterning of the display, and the time of its blooming was all contained in the seed, brings to mind  “reality programming ” to  the infinite order. This is Creation.


Forget me nots...

Forget me nots...

Again, this “Brand” of “programming” has no limitations with regards to the amount of intricacy incorporated into the available “space”… it is an interface of complexity upon complexity, a subtle coordination of moment and “stuff”.


Suffolk showing off...

Suffolk showing off...


The wall around the vegetable gar

The wall around the vegetable garden...




  1. Yo Bru, I thought of missioning for your email and contact numbers and then it hit me like a ray of light, the Yasser Booley blog spot. I logged on and there you were. Nice one (:-) I see you have been keeping yourself busy my brother. From the pictures you have been taking, i see that all is well bru. Keep on posting the updates. The ouens all send their greetings brother. Time to get back to work, as we say in CT, Salaama Trevel to you my brother.

    • good to be in touch. Scotland is beautiful, sometime reminding me of Cape Town Actually.

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