A new home for my canvas print

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2009 at 12:10 pm

Peace and Blessings be with you.

One of the canvasses from the exhibition in Cape Town has travelled all the way from there to Suffolk with our help to end up here…


Mozambique in Snape...

Mozambique in Snape...

Creativity, inspiration I think begins with the decision to be Creative, inspired, being open to it. In our age, these terms most often are associated with artists or people in the “creative” industries, though in fact these perceptions have been consciously informed. Who says for example that a mother of 3 is not creative, or inspired in the way she deals with the day to day running or the family life? the casting of creativity as a resource into the form that only allows access, permission to “creatives” needs to be deconstructed in a very conscious way. Again, individually this too begins with a decision.You my be interested to know why this “topic”? My wife received a tiny box of paints from her cousin, and i was surprised to find myself  gleefully attacking the blocks of a newspaper crossword puzzle in all colours of the “RAinbow nation”

life is like a painting and you have the box of colours...

life is like a painting and you have the box of colours...




  1. I totally admire your photographic eye! You take a seemingly mundane object and capture it in a way that makes me wonder more about it. Like the window – what’s on the otherside, what are those little things on the sill, what kind of room is it in.

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