Along the boardwalk and beyond.

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

On this particular day, which happened to be the 9 May, which is more than a month and a half  ago, we went for another walk past the Snape Maltings,built originally to make beer, they fell into disuse in the 60’s , were rebuilt and later became famous as a venue for classical concerts, under the influence of English composer Benjamin Britten. It also houses many of the concerts for the Aldeburgh Music Festival.

Like i said, this particular day over a month and a half ago, we walked straight past the Maltings to the stretch of marshland beyond.


Into the Marshland...

Into the Marshland...

The amazing variety of songbirds in England never cease to amaze me, it could perhaps be that back home I am not the most attentive person when it comes to the spontaneous eruption of the mellifluous avian type, but i most certainly notice it on this side of the equator. The” Sky Lark ” for example, a most extraordinary bird that hovers in same position high above the ground, singing its heart out. This must be my favourite. 


Dead but not forgotten...

Dead but not forgotten...

There are a number of dead trees that dot the landscape from the vantage point of the boardwalk. Gnarled and partially blackened they resemble in instances human limbs,and the word upheaval comes to mind.


Vikings in the bay...

Vikings in the bay...

Or thats what i thought at first glance, in fact this area is not a stranger to the nordic raiders. 


MIssing a "C

MIssing a "C

 Or at least i hope so!! Again we were blessed with weather that I would more expect from a South African than English summer, but hey, there you go! Ending of with what i thought was really impressive, this Aunty, at the Maltings with her 35mm camera, at least 85 yrs old, still firing away on film. 


Still going strong...

Still going strong...




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