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Peace and Blessings be with you.

With all the excitement about CHAPTER starting to tick over there seems to be more time to concentrate on the blog, theoretically at least. In reality i am still 2 months behind on the blog, and now we find ourselves back in Suffolk. 


Cottage by the sea...

Cottage by the sea...

And typical to a lovely seaside village, it is not hard to spot the couples on a romantic outing .


romance on the beach...

romance on the beach...

and neither is it hard to spot the tourists.




and last but not least, the delicious fish cannot be forgotten. The boat coming onto the beach below is was the one that caught a cod that made a superb dinner that evening.


They actually use a winch to draw the  boat up across the pebble beach along runners...

They actually use a winch to draw the boat up across the pebble beach along runners...




  1. Hey Bru, some stunning pictures as usual, by the sounds of things your enjoying yourself which is important, keep well and hope you again.

    • very good to hear from you bru!! how are things in the mother city, besides cold that is?! have you seen chapter? greetings to the crew from me please!

  2. your pics remind me of my travels again. THanks for the trip down memory lane.

  3. What beautiful pictures – you really have a gift. The river pic makes me think of Geography and meandering rivers…. Mrs.Hendricks would have been proud. Love the pic of the lighthouse too – just spent our last holiday in Suiderstand 5km from Cape Aghulus… learnt more about lighthouses that I thought I would bit they are really significant and share so much of the history of a place!

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