Making South Africa Proud At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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Peace and  Blessings

In the plethora of events, performances, music gigs comedy acts that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it is only to easy to let lost. If I was lost, then I was found, in the form of an electric performance put on by the Memeza Africa last night.


electrifying the crowd...

electrifying the crowd...

Memeza Africa is the product of a South African and Canadian collaboration that was formed in 2005 when Holly Wright, a Canadian doing training workshops for Sasol decided to rerecord a track she had written a few years before with a distinctive South African sound. She met up with Jimmy Mulovhedzi who was at the time the head of a choir group consisting of locals from Soweto, and the rest , as they say is history.

Memeza Africa performed the track at The World Aids Day celebrations in Kwazulu Natal. At the celebration they met with a Canadian HIV NGO , EDZIMKULU, who invited them to Canada to perform at a fundraiser for the organisation in Edmonton in 2008.

Jimmy and Holly striking all the wright notes

Jimmy and Holly striking all the wright notes


Now Memeza Africa find themselves at the biggest performing arts festival in the world, enlightening audiences with their overwhelming energy and joy.


Engaging the audience...

Engaging the audience...

Without the any of the edgy cerebral attributes that inspire contemporary critics to haul out their tertiary educated cognitive arsenal, Memeza Africa powers through the insubstantial boundaries of nationality, language and culture to strike at the heart. Launching a full assault in the universal language of joy and  humility,  and the simple pleasure of listening to beauty in the form of the human voice.


What they have to offer to people who traveled from all over the world in one short hour, reminds me intensely of that which makes South Africa a beacon in the world, her pride, her people.


posing with a Japanese audience member after the gig...

posing with a Japanese audience member after the gig...



  1. Hey Booley, you are rightfully enjoying every moment of it, ne! I hope that your fasting strengthens your devotion to your mission and hope that all remains to be peracefull with you and your family.

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