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Peace and Blessings be with you.

Every once in a while I find myself in the right place at the right time. In this instance it was in the back of Rupert’s Garden, and the request of a friend, who wanted me to come to an unplugged music garden party in Edinburgh. This is where I stumbled across a host of very talented musicians, Mayhew Music being one of the bands that i actually went up to to get contact details from.


at the tron...

at the tron...

Cathy and the boys, unassuming and humble the lot of them excitedly told me where their next gig was, so that i could come and photograph them, never mind see them perform for free once again! i have a feeling that not far n the future one would have to pay serious cash to see these guys live!!


"Brought the room to a quiet standstill.... compelling" the Scotsman

"Brought the room to a quiet standstill.... compelling" the Scotsman

So off i go to the Tron on the Royal Mile to be transported , and yes, take a few photos.


Cathy in the lights...

Cathy in the lights...

Speaking to the band I realise very quickly that it was beautiful “coincidence”  that brought all the members together, involving ” a hostel, a debut open mike and impulsive street recruiting” .

It makes total sense that this music comes from beyond a conscious decision of the ‘ lets start a band’ approach, and proceeds to make its way  to us from the unseen of our collective destinies.

so without any further ado, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…..MAYHEW!!





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