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Peace and blessings be with you.

The closest European version of the snoek I was told is the Barracuda or the Sturgeon, one or both of the aforementioned may be incorrect, so if any one has better sauces (  than for example apricot jam , garlic and butter, chilli powder, pepper corns and salt when one is putting one of these beauties and let me assure you of their beauty sir/madam , onto a grill over a bed of red hot coals!) of information, please enlighten the readership…, and writership of this here blogg.




Its quite i picturesque little harbour Kalk Bay is, and a must visit for any one traveling to Cape Town, for that matter , for people living in Cape Town.


Storm clouds in the distance.

Storm clouds in the distance.



It is conveniently situated on the trainline from the City to Simons Town (I should be getting a kick back from Cape Town Tourism, or Metrorail at least !). So parents wanting a good days outing with the youngsters, a romantic train ride next to the sea, or a solo head clearing journey all fall within the ambit of “i am taking the train to Kalk bay now, and may be back with SNOEK” .



  1. Yasser you are a real photographer, keep it up.

  2. Yasser, are you back in Cape town? buying up all the snoek for a braai and not contacting friends in the area, tut, tut. I hope you are well and enjoying life to the full as usual.
    Peace be with you my friend.

    • not yet, but as you can see, my stomach longs for home!
      i should be in your neighbourhood soon, and as usual will be looking to sink my teeth in a job and a place to stay ! please pass the word and greet all at the office for me.

  3. I don’t know why, but I have been blogging for three years now about all sorts of things and to date my most poular entry has been Snoek braai! Check it out, for my best one and heaps of others that readers have left. Amazing!

    • There is indeed something about a snoek on a grill that makes the taste buds “grul” , the studio space where we are having the African Premier of a documentary called Modern Slavery, and yes, you guessed it , grilled snoek , should be right around the corner from you if i am guessing correctly.
      my email address is mierkat@gmail.com, so please mail me so i can send you invite !
      ps, thats an old Bo-Kaap recipe, and infact the almost exact same one i use!!!:)
      thanks for taking the time to make a comment!

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