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Peace and Blessings be with you .


Caledon Square

Caledon Square

Caledon Square

This was the image that started the train of thought, the wall outside the back of the police station in Cape Town. I wondered if objects retain memory traces of things, people, events? would it not be fascinating to access this ‘history’. All the marches that took place outside this building, all the political prisoners dropped off here, removed from here. The memory of those who were inside at the same time, those who would jail, oppress, enforce apartheid.

I would like to ask the question : what are we doing with that history?  does it have relevance in a world where rent,home loans, school fees, taxes keep us so busy that we don’t have time to look back?



One of the reasons I kept doing photography is to help me remember in fact, that I found a way to look at the way i look at people, and therefore myself. Even with the information that we have, i.e our own history, we do not always consult the stores we as individuals have to assist us in  making decisions for the future, how much more difficult for a nation to do this?


Zurich 2003

Zurich 2003

 A recording as it were of myself on a pavement that does in fact hold history, information for blind people. 





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