Cape Town on my mind.

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Peace and Blessings be with you.


On the train to New Crossroads...

On the train to New Crossroads...

The feeling that its okay to crack a joke with a complete stranger on a train is a Cape Town, okay, maybe not cracking a joke, but for certain when the rest of the people on the carriage laughs, you know you’re in the  mother city.

I took this shot on the train to Nyanga junction. I had to find kids in the ghettos playing soccer for a dutch NGO, so i enlisted the aid of an artist friend who lived in the area. By the time we eventually left the city it was “Tchaaila” (going home) time, and the trains were packed with commuters on their way home. About 40 mins after this picture I greeted a gangster on the corner, 7 mins after that I heard gunshots, and the sounds of mothers frantically calling their children, and 6 mins after that we walked past the same man I greeted lying in a puddle of blood. 30 meters down the road kids continued playing as if nothing happened. What was scarier, the shooting, or the kids …

Did i take my camera out? no .

Severe contrasts besets the beautiful place I call home, danger, crime but also humour, laughter, and hope.



  1. A hectic reminder of what cape town is – made the hairs on my arms stand

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