Ma’s Curry!


Peace and Blessings be with you.

Last week and Saturday I convinced myself that i needed to go and visit my mom because I needed to take pictures of the first cooking lesson she would be giving, which is a long time overdue. I say convince because firstly i wanted to advertise the incredible skill of this incredible lady, but also because i knew that at the end of it all there would be a delicious lamb curry!

The beautiful Lamb.

At around this point in time i need to thank Anne for driving the process! Over the past ten years I have lost count of how many people my Ma has cooked for! From Belarus , Montreal , Basel , Finland to Oslo, London, New York and Kuala Lampur my Ma has entertained and served up a meal of legendary note to friends and family, and those friends who now consider themselves family after having spent time at her dinner table. 

Taking note.

My first attempt at cooking a curry was at the home of a friend I was staying at in Basel, where, lacking a proper recipe, I proceeded to cook by smell, trying for the life of me to recall my fond memories of lurking in the kitchen, lifting the pot lid and getting my fingers spanked for picking!

Anne grating the tomatoes.

Besides being a damn fine cook, Ma is very chilled out, open minded and fun to be around. I have a good photographer friend from Basel who says she is famous there because he’s told everyone about her food!

When i used to work as a production manager there were many crews who felt that their time in Cape Town was not complete without one of her Kingklip Curries! Which incidentally is the other dish she helped make that afternoon.

Mrs. Phaldielah Booley.

So everyone except myself of course, as I was taking pictures, was put to work, cutting, chopping, grating and of course, tasting!

The proof of the curry is in the tasting.

Last but in no way least, what we’ve all been waiting for, the curry arrived, and everyone sat down to eat, salivating and grinning from ear to ear.

Lamb Curry A'la Ma.

So if you happen to find yourself in the Cape Town area, or planning a trip to Cape Town, and would like a lesson, or a delicious meal, you know where to come to! If you are having a small event and require that special meal, you also know where to come to!

All this talk about curry has left me hungry!



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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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  1. Yasser – I sent you a couple of emails about the photos we talked about using in our film. I wonder if you’re not receiving them. Can you check your spam folder? Department of Expansion would be a good search term. Thanks! Marj

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