Peace and Blessings be with you.

What an incredible Gift, to be able to read understand, and then act according to that understanding.

I do not know how many of you out there actually know that the Revelation that marked the Prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in the Cave started with Arch Angel Gabriel instructing him to “Read”?

Of late I have been reading a very interesting book, “the Shock Doctrine”,by Naomi Klein, and what an eye opener its been! With regards to what is axiomatic about the power elite and the complementary financial,economic dictatorship it imposes on the worlds poor she indicates, demarcates and illustrates through considerable research the precise moments in our collective global history when the greedy became greedier and imposed that greed at great cost to those in the “developing” or “third world” countries. 

a quote from the book, you may recognise the author thereof...

Our very own country was not spared the voracious appetite of the new economic order calling for the privatization of all state owned assets, the dropping of price controls and an independent central bank (federal reserve),coming in under the radar through the Auspices of the IMF and World Bank, who incidentally were of the institutions insistent that the new government of national unity inherit the Apartheid era debt! 

resistance is tactile...

The budget for the Department of Transport and Public Works of the Western Cape for one year is the amount our government has to pay to just service the Apartheid Debt! This is the Department that is the Custodian of all Government owned property and infrastructure. The question begs an answer, what could be achieved with the tax payers money being spent in such a wasteful way? The vast majority of victims of an oppressive regime get to foot the bill for all the hundreds of thousands of tear gas canisters, anti mine troop carriers, guns, barbed wire and specially designed ghettos they were subjected to ???

The result of the dangerous free market experiment initiated in the rainbow nation…? South Africa has surpassed Brazil as the country with the greatest disparity between rich and poor. The only human factor to be found in the numerically dominated “science” of economics is GREED.

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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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