Farewell the Forge

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

After many years of wringing anvil blows in to the Cape Town world of bespoke blacksmithing STRIKING METAL, self taught newcomers to the ancient art of forging steel has left the  Mother City.

Fist established in Clare street in Gardens almost ten years ago, they moved to the Old Biscuit Mill, all the time establishing themselves as one of the more innovative blacksmithing units in Cape Town.

Did I mention that they are also my cousins, and that we know each other from the time we could first walk? So it is with a sense of loss that i write about the many  cups of tea i shall no longer be having at the last workshop, in a business park off beach road in woodstock.

The said cuppa.


At the same time there is an incredible sense of excitement at the future awaiting the intrepid blacksmiths from the Bo-Kaap ( and Joburg, didnt foget you Soph’s!) that involve the country , wholesome living, and lighting the forge fire in far flung places of our beautiful country.

the forge fire...


To say that metal work was the core business would be right, but to say that they only worked metal would be incorrect…

wood is a favourite of the crew at Striking metal


So if they are off, and if their workshop in Cape Town has shut its doors for the foreseeable future, then why the excitement you may ask? Because on the vanguard of living life like you realise that you only have one, and that if you want to raise your kids in the country, well then you got to move to the country is my cousin Bully! 



So I guess my excitement is about the real possibility of packing up everything one knows and taking it to a completely new space, starting fresh, turning a new page as it were. This post is also about lauding the courage, tenacity and vision that it takes to uproot ones family in search of the adventure that is discovering who we are. SALUT MANSKAP!!!

Not only is it the one brother who is heading on his journey of discovery, faith and himself, but theother one too! 

Al Faa...


Or Mustapha is channelling his creative energy into the lens and has been applying himself to film studies with a goal to becoming a Director of Photography! I for one cannot wait to see this creative come to his own on the screen!! in fact the image of the forge above is his first published work!!

May The Maker of Atoms, the Fashioner of Love Bless them, and Grant them Success in all that they turn their hearts to !!!




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