Sunrise in Durban, tea in Umlazi and chicken pie back home.

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Peace and blessings be with you.

I have been in Durban for ten days, visiting the townships and the various rural areas. Whilst there i was accommodated on marine parade ( soon to change its name).

sunrise from the balcony...

                                                                             Sunrise from the balcony.

I have been to Durban a few times over the last 5 years, to be exact, which means that  I used all of the 30 seconds it took to think about it; thrice in the last 7 years, including this trip. 

What struck me as odd, was why i did not think of Durban as a winter destination for someone wanting to escape the cold further south and North, Cape Town and Johannesburg to be precise. Durban is beautiful! Not only does one find the lush green vegetation of a tropical climate, but also the very tropical weather! South Africa is a big beautiful country, hence the urgency in the realisation that poverty and the system of economic policy that predisposes the perpetuation of this unnecessary suffering needs to be treated like a curable disease.

Tea in Umlazi.

On this particular journey we spent lots of time n the township areas around Durban and had ample opportunity to visit and speak to many people, including having the priveledge of sitting in the councill of a Zulu chief! what we found was a tremendous wealth of being and tradition equal only in its polar opposite to the abject poverty of means. Regardless of this lack of basic needs we were always greeted by smiling faces and firm handshakes. One is grateful for the possibility of being able to sit here and blog about things that i think about, having a belly satisfied of its need for food.

I was listening to Radio 2000 earlier, particularly a talk show, of which the topic revolved around a select panel of people selected to steer a committee meant to deal with job creation, where the committee members were being paid up to R20000,00 to attend a meeting!!! The stink apparent issued forth from the fact that this select panel had besides enriching themselves actually achieved nothing, and that over the last 2 years had cost the tax payer 4 million rands!!!

As you can imagine there were many calls, blaming everyone from the ANC, to certain members of the organisation. I must commend the host for maintaining a balance, though I could not help but regret the fact that my lack of air time denied me the possibility of calling in and chucking my five cents in with the peanut gallery. I personally think that its not a political thing, its not an organisation thing, its far more basic, it goes back to the days when we were all kids, and told by our parents to behave, to share, to be generous, to not steal. I may have mentioned this on the blog before, though i shall mention it again…

what i heard a wise man say was that a good constitution does not make a good country, good people do!

This simple observation makes one realise that rules  in themselves do not have moral value, only when combined with action do they ripple into the world of man’s interaction and evaluation. At the core, we decide from one moment to the next how to deal with situations as they arise, sometimes we decide to our detriment, but then we learn. The notion of being a human being accountable for his actions is one that needs to resurface as a humble beginning to change that will mean a better tomorrow for all of us.

Humble pie!


 I count my blessings, and express my gratitude and thanks to the Maker of Atoms , the Fashioner of atoms, the Turner of hearts! 




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