Rain and tomatoes


Peace and Blessings be with you.

We had just passed through an incredible weather phenomenon that only happens in Cape Town during winter. Its Called the Berg wind, which if my memories of high school geography serves me correct is when a high pressure system over the escarpment is found in conjunction with a low pressure over the Cape Coast, resulting in a warm wind blowing from inland, bathing the MOther city in a bubble of summer days and nights, confusing even the bees! 

this blog however is about a week before then, when the Cape of Storms earned its name.

13 Degrees and wet.                                                13 Degrees and wet

On that particular day I was responsible for the dinner menu, which consisted of a ‘tomatoey’ Lamb stew. 

Tomatoes in the evening light of my kitchen in Woodstock.

My normal approach to cooking is look in the cupboard and see what jumps out at you, the same goes for the fridge,so there was nothing out of the ordinary this time around. Perhaps that was premature, dark molasses I don’t think make for a conventional stew recipe I think.

Fairly conventional onions with garlic, mustard seeds, olive oil and butter. Golden crispy!

Then, as I am unabashedly carnivorous the beautiful lamb neck!

Fresh meat.

Now the meat gets braised with the golden crispy onions, and when sufficiently  sealed add the tomatoes.

All in.

The other ingredients I added at the onion stage was a dash of Coriander, and some parsley  with the tomatoes, then when the tomatoes were cooked into a rich broth.

My wife said is was delicious, I agreed with her, and it was , as these things normally are, better the next morning !



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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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