The Ultimate Walk For Humanity.

Peace and Blessings be with you.

I have a friend, were i to have grown up where he did, we would be of the same ‘age set’. Miyere is Maasai, and he walked from Kenya almost 6 years ago if i am not mistaken. I met him while working for the Mail & Guardian. He came to protests to highlight the plight of the Maasai with regards to landownership, taken from them Fraudulently and enshrined in a Colonial 99 year contract  which expired around 6 years ago.

Many of you may know the details of Miyere’s Mission, but if you don’t this is a quick catch up…

Arrived in Cape Town, became an activist for minority rights, and a subversive commentator on youth and land related policies implemented by democratic governments all over Africa, especially those related to borders and visas, even passports. He believes, as do his ancestors, that the Land, the Air, the Waters cannot be someone’s possession, owned, the notion is ridiculous!

With help from loyal friends he organised a multi media exhibition titled “No Borders” the following image we made was for the publicity posters.

Miyere left for Durban, on the East Coast of S.A to spread his particular Brand of activism. He attempted to walk back home from Durban, but had to turn back in the realisation that it was to dangerous for a detractor of the Kenyan Government to be walking exposed,  especially after he was beaten, kidnapped and put in the boot of a car and driven to the middle of the bush! He returned to S.A, Durban, and started working closely with the Street Kids, whom he recognises as a minority group, and quite a creative, resourceful and resilient one at that, at the same time they are woven into the fabric of  the future of our societies. 

Simply put, when we as a society of parents, brothers, and sisters can allow the phenomenon of Street Kids to continue to exist unabated, without extending a helping hand, then we need to question ourselves, and this is in a nutshell,my understanding  of what “the ultimate walk for humanity “is about.

It is about Miyere walking from Cape Town to Cairo, and gathering a tribe of supporters in flesh and blood, and online. It is about mobilising as much people as we can to walk with him, even if it is only for an hour, the ultimate journey for all of us is our own life.

The walk calls us to question who we really are, and what contribution we as unique individuals can make, to better the world we live in.  

As unique as our fingerprints, our DNA, are our abilities, and characters. The notion of competition in such a paradigm has no place. 

for more background information on Miyere have a look at .

for more information on the ultimate walk…!/pages/Ultimate-Walk-For-Humanity/137655289597420?v=info&ref=ts
 for those of you on FB.

The ultimate walk is about activating your creativity and your activism.



It would be very interesting to watch the development of this massive project,

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