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Finally a 3rd issue .

It has taken many years for the third issue of mierkat to arrive,
the first starting in 2007 in Berlin.
This time there will only be one hundred copies. The photographs are
printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel 160gsm paper, and hand-bound. The cover
is embossed in silver and each copy will be numbered and signed by hand.

The books will be selling for $100 each which includes postage.
The books will take up to a month to arrive as they are produced on order.






Shakespeare Unplugged

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Peace and Blessings.

Every so often a project comes along that inspires one. Inspires one to contribute to the society that one lives in. This particular projects involves youth at risk, and youth in conflict with the law. In collaboration with  The Independent Theater Movement of South Africa ( http://www.southafricantheatre.org/) , the Ottery Youth Care and Education Centre has embarked on an ambitious heartfelt project to introduce the youth of the centre to one of  Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Julius Ceasar.

The performance starts tonight, and will run for the next 3 nights at the centre in Plantation Road Ottery (https://maps.google.co.za/maps?q=Plantation+Road,+Ottery&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x1dcc439fb26e08e7:0x918b99747d6b9aee,Plantation+Rd&gl=za&ei=MlXNUeOvKaia0AW-p4D4BA&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA) . All the performances are free!

Here is an opportunity to show your support to the young men who come from very difficult backgrounds, by encouraging them with your presence.

If you would like to publish a story on this remarkable project please contact Seraj Jenkins for further details and a possible interview at

0723926947 and Tauriq Jenkins at : 0763099073





The ‘1913 Natives Land Act’ exhibition currently on at the Cape Town International Convention Center.

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

I had the privilege of photographing the opening of the exhibition that is currently taking place at the Convention Center in Cape Town commemorating the 1913 Natives Land Act.  The Exhibition was meant to run only on Thursday and Friday, but was extended to Sunday with very good reason.

To say that the multimedia exhibition is visceral would be an understatement. The experience is one that necessarily all South Africans, who want to look back at the last 100 years and more of this country’s struggle MUST see. The dynamic of legitimizing the legal robbery of the land, the human consequences that reverberate strongly today even, and the instant labour force for the complicit mining industries are there made evident.

Entrance to the exhibition.

Entrance to the exhibition.


Apartheid Police checking for your "pass"

Apartheid Police checking for your “pass”

Validation of the pass

Validation of the pass

The pass system.

The pass system.

Mass Protests

Mass Protests

Mass Action

Mass Action










Forced removals

Forced removals


" all I have left is what i could carry"

” all I have left is what i could carry”

Forced Removals

Forced Removals


The Monoliths.

The Monoliths.


I urge you to take your family and go if you are in the Cape Town region.






Pete & Flora’s Wedding Greeting from Cape Town

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

There is an explanation behind his video, as I suppose there always is. Pete became my cousin when i married my beautiful wife, his father is South African, and his mother is English. Which is possibly why we clicked the way we did the first time we met, but i think that its only after I “abused” him as only family does by asking him to do me a favour that at the time involved going above and beyond the duty of what is expected from family, bearing in mind the English propensity for apologising and not wanting to impose, which at the time was my wife’s objection to my request. Well, Pete transported my framed photographs to the Gallery in Chelsea, and had to have one of the glass panels which I had cracked, fixed! He also represented me at the opening night, which I could not make. Pete is a wonderful musician (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Afrostocracy-Pete-Letanka/dp/B000ASTF26) and when we stayed at his flat in Peckham Rye, we had a jam, myself on a cane flute and Pete on the piano, and we came up with a wonderful ditty, that he put lyrics to, and got one of his classes of  inner city kids to sing, which he gave as a gift to us.

So in the tradition of getting “strangers” involved, the idea was born to hit the streets of Cape Town, and see who would be willing to send greetings, and best wishes for him and his wife on their wedding day! the results were amazing, as you can see below.

It gets interesting after the first minute or so!

Here is some more information about Pete and what he does:


Please subscribe to my youtube channel.



Ama Supporter: Patrick ( & the Salvation Messengers)

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

The subject of this weeks video I would not categorise as a small business, however, they do have a product, and could do with support. It is also a short illustration of what millions of commuters in Cape Town experience on a daily basis.

For those of you who from the Mother City who live abroad, I hope this brings a smile.





Chapter PDf For Sale

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Peace and Blessings.

So i have finally figured out how to make the pdf available to folks.

Download this Jpg for details.

On the way to becoming an independent publisher!



Mama Booley’s Virtual Kitchen

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Peace and Blessings be with you.


It has been a while since my last post, too long says the little voice in my head! Well we all have this thing called life to engage with, and in the process we neglect certain things in favour of others. I have recently started studying Film at an incredible institute in Cape Town called SAE, and this only happened through a good friend emailing me about scholarships which consequently fell into my lap!

This post however, looking past the digression/excuse above is about streamlining, focussing, and using the resources at hand to try and make something from something. I don’t know how many of you have actually had the pleasure of sitting at my Ma’s large round table at our old house in Bo-Kaap? Well the penny finally dropped, and i realised that this incredible resource ( my Ma) is tremendously under publicized, and here i am referring specifically about her culinary skills!

The First Product!

The First Product !


I have taken it upon myself to market her products and with you help sell as many as possible! There is a face book group that is in the process of appearing soon, which we wish to use to market her chutney’s, sauces, and eventually pastries and meals!

The Dhanya (Coriander ) and Almond Chutney is a sweet tangy chutney, that is perfect for savory pastries and samoosa’s, though last night we had it with a potato mince bake!

The spice grinder I used for the label used to belong to my grandmother, so i am guessing its at least 50 years old, though it could easily be older.

And yes, “nobody beats Ma’s Chow”!

Please feel free to order, and I will arrange  pick up , delivery point! The chutney is going for R20.00.




Adopt an Orphanage

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

This post serves to be a reminder to myself first and for most, and then to all of you out there who know, and recognize how Blessed we all are, and who in that knowledge recognize there are some who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

This is also a call to mobilize that part in us that naturally is attracted to the universal realities of social justice, and playing our part in making the world we live in a better place.

A painting by one of the children from the Al Noor orphanage.

We all have skills, abilities that we are sometimes not even aware of. Those that we are aware of can be put to use for the betterment of our fellow human beings in more ways than we can imagine. In my own way, I understand that using these skills for other than self, is a way of showing Gratitude for what we have been Blessed with. It is my intention to raise awareness about specifically AlNoor Orphanage in Woodstock, but also to lift the lid off the possibilities of finding institutions, social centers, community workshops where we can volunteer our time, energy, efforts in a way that is enriching to others and ourselves. In fact, it is a selfish and self centered activity in the final analysis, as the Universal Law says that what you put out, will come back to you many fold.


I met Amina about 5 years ago, through a cousin of mine who actually works as a lawyer, but raises funds, and organises food parcels which she then gets all the cousins and their children to distribute to the poor during the month of Ramadan. I did a photo essay of Alnoor, which got published in a local newspaper. Amina, if I remember correctly is Nigerian, and has been living in this country for, and this is a guess, at least 10 years. She has been the driving force behind the orphanage since its inception. Sometimes one meets people who inspire because of their personality, their presence, their oratory… in her case, it is her matter of fact approach to what she is doing. She mentioned to me once, that as a mother herself, she has not choice in the matter. Who will take care of these children?Where will they go?

The face of care and warm concern that the children look to .One of the men who has been helping at the orphanage for as long as i know about it. Embarrassingly I have momentarily misplaced this brother’s name…

The age of the children range from 4 years to the oldest boy who is almost 18.  The orphanage is about 6 mins drive from Cape Town central, and situated behind the Woodstock hospital.The children are engaged in many meaningful classes and workshops, from gardening, computer literacy to sewing.

A green house with vegetables donated by a local NGO.

There is quite a large open space at the premises for those involved in physical training or sports, or for a organic garden for those who have knowledge of permaculture/ vegetable gardening.

The in House computer lab.

The sewing workshop also produces clothing and bags which the Alnoor sells to raise funds. So if you find yourself on the other side of the world, and would like to support by purchasing a bag, then please wait for their website details at the end of this post, or contact me through my blog.

Stylish Ladies Handbag.

and …

Summer Beach bag with a difference, making a difference.

I would like to take the opportunity again to make sure that you understand that taking an hour out of your Sunday to come and read for the kids for example is something that Amina would welcome open heartedly. She did mention to me that some of the older boys are of the age where they can apply for their drivers license, so if anyone wants to give driving lessons. Basically the sky is the limit to what help one can actually offer. The fashion designers out their could do pattern cutting workshops, help develop a product range , etc. etc. etc.

One of the girls from AlNoor.

A canvas print of the first image of this post is available for sale in an edition of 20, all proceeds to go to AlNoor.

Now for the details:


P.O. BOX 1801





TEL:+27 21 447-8472 ,FAX:+27 21 447 3644,

Email: alnoororphanagecentre@yahoo.com

Website: www.alnoororphanage.org.za

“An orphan, destitute and disadvantaged is My child, and your child”

Quran 3:103



The Ultimate Walk For Humanity.

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

I have a friend, were i to have grown up where he did, we would be of the same ‘age set’. Miyere is Maasai, and he walked from Kenya almost 6 years ago if i am not mistaken. I met him while working for the Mail & Guardian. He came to protests to highlight the plight of the Maasai with regards to landownership, taken from them Fraudulently and enshrined in a Colonial 99 year contract  which expired around 6 years ago.

Many of you may know the details of Miyere’s Mission, but if you don’t this is a quick catch up…

Arrived in Cape Town, became an activist for minority rights, and a subversive commentator on youth and land related policies implemented by democratic governments all over Africa, especially those related to borders and visas, even passports. He believes, as do his ancestors, that the Land, the Air, the Waters cannot be someone’s possession, owned, the notion is ridiculous!

With help from loyal friends he organised a multi media exhibition titled “No Borders” the following image we made was for the publicity posters.

Miyere left for Durban, on the East Coast of S.A to spread his particular Brand of activism. He attempted to walk back home from Durban, but had to turn back in the realisation that it was to dangerous for a detractor of the Kenyan Government to be walking exposed,  especially after he was beaten, kidnapped and put in the boot of a car and driven to the middle of the bush! He returned to S.A, Durban, and started working closely with the Street Kids, whom he recognises as a minority group, and quite a creative, resourceful and resilient one at that, at the same time they are woven into the fabric of  the future of our societies. 

Simply put, when we as a society of parents, brothers, and sisters can allow the phenomenon of Street Kids to continue to exist unabated, without extending a helping hand, then we need to question ourselves, and this is in a nutshell,my understanding  of what “the ultimate walk for humanity “is about.

It is about Miyere walking from Cape Town to Cairo, and gathering a tribe of supporters in flesh and blood, and online. It is about mobilising as much people as we can to walk with him, even if it is only for an hour, the ultimate journey for all of us is our own life.

The walk calls us to question who we really are, and what contribution we as unique individuals can make, to better the world we live in.  

As unique as our fingerprints, our DNA, are our abilities, and characters. The notion of competition in such a paradigm has no place. 

for more background information on Miyere have a look at http://www.maasaiwarrior.com .

for more information on the ultimate walk…

 for those of you on FB.

The ultimate walk is about activating your creativity and your activism.



It would be very interesting to watch the development of this massive project,

The Bush Doctor

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Peace and Blessings be with you.

Two days ago i went past a friend of mine in St.Georges Mall, Carlo Randall, the Bush Doctor. As per usual we exchange greetings and recent developments and news about mutual friends and most importantly plans for the future.

Carlo has had his stall in the mall for at least 5 years now, and is a regular stopping point on my many walks through the city. He has travelled extensively through Southern Africa, and it was on his journey that he discovered his passion of healing, and the connection that the herb lore that he found so fascinating was the product of knowledge passed down from the San people ( Bushmen) who boasts one of the oldest cultures on the planet. 

Carlo Randall, BUsh Doctor.

In Cape Town, on the Grand Parade for example, the market that existed from the beginnings of the city, one can find an old lady who also sells indigenous medicinal herbs, who was taught by her mother, and her mothe and her mother …. The herbs one finds in Cape Town and surrounds come from the Floral Kindom known as Fynbos. I say Floral Kingdom as it is a singular Floral Kingdom all on its own, 1 of Six in the entire world, and it is located only in the Western Cape! 

Buchu Bunches.


Buchu (Boegoe)  is from the same group that the now world famous Rooibos tea is from. Used predominantly as a tea, for various conditions including Kidney and Urinary Tract infections, Rheumatism, loss of appetite and to aid digestion. It can also be used externally when soaked in vinegar as a poultice.  

Wild Mountain Garlic.

Anti inflammatory bulbs of intense smelling garlic. They can also be sliced up and steeped to make a potent if not vicious smelling tea that will be as good for you as it is strong smelling. I used to cook with it, as a confirmed lover of garlic, but word to the wise would be the recommendation to , once cut, seal it in a original tupperware TM. [:)!] container, and then wrap that in cling plastic, and that in a brown paper bag, and that in a black plastic bag! The Wild mountain garlic is good for using to stave off colds and flu’s (as well as vampires!) , chest infections, rheumatism and is known to improve blood circulation.

Traditional Packaging.

In today’s age we have, as humanity drifted far from the natural and available remedies and medicines that our forefathers depended on, and perhaps its time that we start re integrating the philosophy of natural healing into our lives. 

African Incense. Mphepo.

Traditionally used to purify a space from unfriendly spirits, to celebrate the beginning of a new venture, Mphepo is also know to be very good for conditions related to the Central Nervous System, Stomach Ulcers, Bladder problems, and general relaxation.

I am off to see my medicine man!