for sale…







Issue 1

Issue 1

Can be purchased by following the link :  http://magcloud.com/browse/Issue/23924

Thanking you in advance.

The second “mierkat ” is now in production. Like the last one, Only 100 copies will be made.

they are selling for R100.00 excluding postage. Place your order now to avoid dissapointment!

mierkat 2

mierkat 2

all the images on this site are for sale.

canvas prints:


                                   A4 : 210mm x 297mm                   R  500.00

                                    A3 : 297mm x 420mm                  R1000.00

                                    A2 : 420mm x 594mm                  R2000.50

                                    A1 : 594mm x 840mm                  R4000.00

                                    A0 : 840mm x 1200mm               R8000.00

these are the basic prices and may differ with regards to the edition of the prints.

postage is excluded, and will be calculated on an individual basis.


not to forget the postcards, which also double as a more affordable collection of works destined for fridges and office walls all over the world!!!

post card sets for sale...

post card sets for sale…

  1. Yasser, these postcard images are stunning. It’s the first time I have seen the work that you are doing. Keep it up. Also looking forward to the next blog

  2. indeed and insanely talented man……

    • you well lady? i saw invite to exhibition!! congratulations!!! well done 🙂
      how did it all go? should be in the mother city in the foreseeable future, and shall be house hunting in the cbd, in case you know of anything?:)

      sending some ramadan energy your way sister!


  3. keep a mierkat for me please of course yes Sr!

    • thank you very much sir, i am sure we have a copy of mierkat awaiting your arrival. i have a copy of the dvd from Adnan , nice cover design bru! ps, we’er in london at the moment, when and where is the vook launch please?

    • where are you sir?

  4. I like your work to. Come to our workshop in Burma.



    PS: Some of my Street Portraiture all shot in Burma.

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