Ma’s Curry!


Peace and Blessings be with you.

Last week and Saturday I convinced myself that i needed to go and visit my mom because I needed to take pictures of the first cooking lesson she would be giving, which is a long time overdue. I say convince because firstly i wanted to advertise the incredible skill of this incredible lady, but also because i knew that at the end of it all there would be a delicious lamb curry!

The beautiful Lamb.

At around this point in time i need to thank Anne for driving the process! Over the past ten years I have lost count of how many people my Ma has cooked for! From Belarus , Montreal , Basel , Finland to Oslo, London, New York and Kuala Lampur my Ma has entertained and served up a meal of legendary note to friends and family, and those friends who now consider themselves family after having spent time at her dinner table. 

Taking note.

My first attempt at cooking a curry was at the home of a friend I was staying at in Basel, where, lacking a proper recipe, I proceeded to cook by smell, trying for the life of me to recall my fond memories of lurking in the kitchen, lifting the pot lid and getting my fingers spanked for picking!

Anne grating the tomatoes.

Besides being a damn fine cook, Ma is very chilled out, open minded and fun to be around. I have a good photographer friend from Basel who says she is famous there because he’s told everyone about her food!

When i used to work as a production manager there were many crews who felt that their time in Cape Town was not complete without one of her Kingklip Curries! Which incidentally is the other dish she helped make that afternoon.

Mrs. Phaldielah Booley.

So everyone except myself of course, as I was taking pictures, was put to work, cutting, chopping, grating and of course, tasting!

The proof of the curry is in the tasting.

Last but in no way least, what we’ve all been waiting for, the curry arrived, and everyone sat down to eat, salivating and grinning from ear to ear.

Lamb Curry A'la Ma.

So if you happen to find yourself in the Cape Town area, or planning a trip to Cape Town, and would like a lesson, or a delicious meal, you know where to come to! If you are having a small event and require that special meal, you also know where to come to!

All this talk about curry has left me hungry!



Beauty, time, reflection, oh …. and beans.

Peace and blessings be with you.

It is easy to jump over ones passion in the race for the rent, the debit orders and all the other obligations we have to fulfill. I find with myself the distraction that comes with this mad dash makes it hard to see the wood for the tree, or the light for the image.

Rebecca's Orchid.

The unfolding of such an exquisite flower is something that has been designed and placed into the seed, its germination, growth, blossoming and death is recorded for it in its genetic code. It has become a prevailing attitude that this is our one shot life, so do , take, say, live however you want to, without consequence to the next person. It has also become a prevailing understanding that through the actions of human beings, our life support system ie nature is dire straights along with the future of our children.

Freezing time.

One thing that we may be running out of with regards to our environment is, well you guessed already. Calendars, appointments, meetings and schedules. Corporate thinking has invaded our lives, well actually we invited it in, offered it a cup of tea and a fat slice of chocolate cake, as long as it can give us our piece of the pie. The watch was a gift, from a Tunisian man in Edinburgh who had recently undergone a successful liver transplant. He no longer had need of his watch, interesting how it was  no importance to him anymore.

The bathroom floor after a shower.

The light reflects off the small puddles that collect on the floor. Pretty.

Baked Beans.                                                                                 Baked Beans.

And now to end off, with a can of beans “but what does it all mean Brain?” .



First Successful event at 6DCA!

Peace and Blessings be with you.

Gary Hirson speaking at 6DCA.

A good evening was had by all who attended the first talk hosted by 6DCA last week and Tuesday. We were most pleasantly surprised by the turnout, which seemed to number  30 people! Thank you to all the people who came out to join us! 

Paying attention to Gary's journey.

Gary took us on a journey to the far east and many other places that was powered by the belief in his dreams, and a stubborn adherence to his values. One of the messages that I personally took from his talk was that fear weighs kilograms, but regrets weighs tons! At a critical point in his life he gave up a job that would see him take the position of director, with health benefits car allowance and all the trappings of a corporate position to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. He now writes and shoots for local and international travel magazines!

The audience.

The people who attended came from many different backgrounds, and found out about the talk from surprising sources. 

Viewing the work of the Iliso Labantu collective.

On the night we also presented for sale the collected works of Iliso Labantu (the eyes of the people), a collective that promotes and supports township-based photographers.

We are excited to present out next event : “the menu and the movie”

on Wednesday , 23 December at 1900 at our studio. 194 Victoria road Woodstock, where we will be screening a movie for free, and selling food, which in this instance is Fish (either snoek or hake) grilled on the coals with grilled veggies and savory rice. So for all those interested in chilling out, watching a movie, and then having a wonderful meal, please join us!

It  is not absolutely necessary, but would be appreciated if you could let us know if you’re attending so we can make appropriate arrangements regarding numbers:)



The Magic thats Ours.

Peace and Blessings be with you.

We are sweeping the floors, cleaning the windows and rearranging the furniture for our hosting of 6DCA’s first talk!

We have no idea how many people are coming, which makes it very exciting as you can imagine. My wife is preparing a limited number of chocolate brownies for tonight, so there is something else to look forward to! We have Smart Staging Solutions coming on board to provide the digital projector for the presentation that Gary is going to make tonight. They are also involved in the movie nights which will start next week and Wednesday, 23 December. We plan to host a MOVIE screening for GRATIS and for FREE, and then sell delicious food for those of you who feel to relax, kick back watch a movie, and then not contend with cooking or cleaning! But more about that when we decide the MENU, and the MOVIE.




Peace and Blessings.

I am working on completing my website. Thus far the more commercial elements of my work has been uploaded, but i am saving the best for last, the nuts and bolts of my passion, telling people’s stories through the lens. 

I am sitting at the studio in Woodstock, just having completed a group event on Facebook for the talk we are hosting next week. As of yet, I am not sure how many people are coming and we have no budget for catering! There is a strong possibility that the infamous Funifuji will grace us with her presence and rock the decks, well , quietly in the background that is, and maybe a bit later we will have ourselves a little get down, but lets see…

You know how sometimes all you need is the right kind of music to keep you going, to keep you focussed and inspired? Well today, and yesterday it just so happens to be Chopin’s  Nocturne! The man was a genius! Do you remember the pianist from Australia…? He had some kind of health condition… and there is a hollywood movie version of his life, David Helfgot I think his name was. I had the privilege of seeing him perform at the Baxter theater some years ago, and I was BLOWN AWAY! 

Whilst on the topic of inspiration I would be sorely remiss if i did not mention Little Dorr, by Charlse Dickens! I wish i could have said I read the book, but I would lying. Recently, upon the recommendation of  my mother in-law we started watching the TV series produced by the BBC, and it has become clear that in the category of genius Mr. Dickens has a firm footing. His portrayal of human nature,the depth of his characters, the story line and the plot, all totally gripping.

As I mentioned in the very beginning I am editing images to go into the reportage section of the website, of which the image below is part of.

Heideveld train station



New Website.

Peace and Blessings be with you.

It has been quiet on my front, I know, though not without good reason. It is not always as easy as on would like to think it is, being level headed and communicating in a balanced way to those around you, and here i mean especially the work environment of a freelancer. What i do realise about myself is that I am starting to form a particularly good picture of the chips that I carry around with me in the shoulder region. 

Moving into the space in Woodstock with Nashad and Lunga has proven to be very productive, which is not always the same thing as being profitable! the potentiality of what we are sitting on is so immense in its promise that it keeps our spirits up, and keeps us coming back day after day.

We realised that if we wanted to collaborate, and set ourselves up into a unit that utilizes the different strengths we have, then we would need a name.

The Name we arrived at is ” 6th District Creative Agency” . This is our past and our aspiration rolled into a nicely balanced tongue twister. Lunga is from Gugulethu , Nashad and myself grew up in the Bo Kaap, but all our roots are from District 6.

I would like to extend an invitation to all those who can make it to our space at

194 Victoria street (Woodstock main road, opposite LT Paints) on the 15th December at 19:00 to a talk by a friend of mine Gary Hirson, who has written 2 story books for children. They deal with Creativity as a ‘magic’ thats within all of us , and Goal Setting and Visualisation, which in my opinion, and I can only speak for myself is a central part of life, regardless of the path you find yourself on.

Now for the Cherry on top, at least of my cake!!!!!

So please have a look and let me know what you think!



ps, I The Small Book Company is well on its way, and as of yet there are no winners of the first books to to be printed!

Almost time to let the cat out the bag.


Peace and Blessings be with you.

Soon I shall have a product that will be accessible all over the world, as long as its attached to a postal address that is. 


The first cluster of titles.


The Small Book Company makes its first appearance online today. They are in Production, and I shall be updating the blog with one cover each day. The first comment posted on each of the 9 days will win a hard copy that will arrive in the post, as in snail mail.





New Base of Operations


Peace and Blessings be with you.

I have been busy reconnecting to the mother city and in the process have been blessed with an incredible studio, office space on Woodstock main road.


view one

The space is leased by a friend of mine who worked as a Product /stills photographer for a leading advertising agency in  Cape Town for the last 9 years, who has decided to brave the world of freelance photography. 


view 2

Thus it has happened that we find ourselves combining resources to activate the beautiful space we find ourselves in. We have all the resources to produce a studio shoot i.e. flash lighting , backdrops and camera equipment, as well as a boardroom to meet clients, a kitchen (to feed them ) and toilets.

I hope that by the next time i blog about the space you will see a considerable change in the decor and the wall colour! ( any one up for a painting party?)






Peace and Blessings be with you.

Growing up in a community where everyone knows who you are because they can figure out who your parents are by looking at you has its perks. It also has its disadvantages, especially for naughty little boys stealing the locks off people’s letter boxes just because we figured out how to do it with hair clips!

Behind the flats in Astania street
Behind the flats in Astania street

The Bo-Kaap, literally ” above Cape” is a special place. It is a place where kids still play in the streets, and do things kids are supposed to do, climb trees, throw stones and play with sticks.

Walking down Pentz street to Moslem school.
Walking down Pentz street to Moslem school.