The latest publication, available for purchase online.






there only exists 100 physical copies of this photo magazine in the bound version , another ten exist in the hand made version , predominantly in the berlin area , and belong to people instrumental in encouraging me to pursue the idea of independent publishing. i out this first magazine when i was broke , ie , cashless , the very real necessity was the initial spark ….

last year , i made a hundred copies in cape town , of which  i posted some to berlin , basel , oslo to mention a few. this in fact was how Reality conspired to pay for my wedding!!

i am working on printing the next issue , one year later  i know …. but i hope it will be worth the wait…

i will post a little preview when next i have the opportunity .




peace and blessings be with you.

it seems that contrary to my thinking , one cannot add posts to a new page??? , and until i figure out how to do this i will have to keep editing this page .

as promised … here is a sneak preview of the next mierkat….

mierkat jan 09...

mierkat jan 09...

as i write , mierkat jan 09 is in production , and yes , i do realise as i have recently written that we are well into february …. i just could not bare the thought of taking longer than 1 year to publish the next mierkat , so i would ask everyone to enter a contract of extended disbelief , ie to not believe that mierkat is slightly late…!


thanks to everyone who visits the site , and a special thanks to my liefie , who has been literally working from sunrise to sunset the last couple of days and still somehow finds the time to comment !



  1. heyho!
    it feels so great to see this great piece again. it still gives me a great feeling to remind myself of the “birth” of it.

    you made 100 copies? YESSS MAN!!!

    and for all of you out there – i know where copy NO.1 is. yeah!

    so please, i also want issue #2… and #3 …of course #4 #5 #6 …

    a big hug,

    • yes indeed , for three days this man allowed me to use his apartment in berlin for the birthing of mierkat !!!, did i mention that he makes a mean steak , not to mention thai cuisine!!
      good to be in touch patrick.
      can you do me a favour and send the blog to all our class mates?:)
      thanks bru!!

    • its almost there….printers taking ages getting the right paper… but it needs to be the right paper…so i will let you know when i do 🙂
      peace bru


  2. I am still waiting for my copy which I did pay for . . . Any idea where you posted it to?


  3. May i have a copy?? (preferably a signed one as sometime very soon they are going to be even more valuable for that signature:) ) Are there any left? I would love to have a complete collection of all the Mierkats to come so i have to start with the 1st master piece! Can we see a few more pages posted up of the treasures inside ?? i have been lucky enough to see the beautiful final copy but for all those who havn’t yet….
    We all know the next will be well worth the wait … keep up the amazing work 🙂

  4. yep, of course i will do that.

  5. hola my gazi….good stuff bro….keep it coming…looking forward to seeing more of what you are doing!!!!

  6. Hey Yasser, I still have your first edition, pride of place on my bookshelve, so, don’t forget your mates in SA when the next edition comes out.

    • howzit bru,
      i have a mierkat with your name on it!! when shall i bring it around?


  7. yes WTFF I love your Pix

  8. When your next in the area bru, drop on by.

  9. Can you get one to Musa to bring back for me?

  10. As-Salaamu Alaikum Yasser !
    A post & a page are 2 different things … You can update your page, but you’ll have to alert us to that through whatever is your POST page !
    Otherwise, great work !!!

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