To exhibit or not to exhibit…

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2009 at 4:51 pm

 Peace and Blessings be with you.

Did someone  ask a question ..? 

The last week has indeed been an interesting one. I have made a decision to hold an exhibition. It will be my first solo exhibition in 7 years. People have come to the fore to extend a helping hand ,and to them I am very grateful.

for the record...

for the record...

From the idea of an exhibition to this moment about 1 week has passed, and from this moment to opening night 8 days remain . Taking into account 2 public holidays and a weekend we subtract 4 and are left with an arithmetic sum that has the potentiality to be somewhat daunting, especially when image is yet to be put to paper viz. printed!


what do you see...

what do you see...

There are times in a mans life where the contextual “reality” forces him to look at himself, if only to take stock of what he is capable of…. and what he sees also has the potentiality to be daunting, though at this point , like the pregnant pause of silence before the panic induced by a calamity one has the opportunity to, in a manner of speaking detach, breathe, and decide….



what do you know...

what do you know...

though Providence renders the will of man useless when the unfolding of circumstance and the illusion of expectation don’t share the same path …


decide that the same Providence that Holds  aloft the gull, and Germinates the seed is a Benevolent , Bounteous  and Generous One .










  1. There is no question! EXHIBIT…its well worth the push and we can all see how amazing your work is! It will be a treat to the eye and soul for all that will be there…

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