Pete & Flora’s Wedding Greeting from Cape Town

Peace and Blessings be with you.

There is an explanation behind his video, as I suppose there always is. Pete became my cousin when i married my beautiful wife, his father is South African, and his mother is English. Which is possibly why we clicked the way we did the first time we met, but i think that its only after I “abused” him as only family does by asking him to do me a favour that at the time involved going above and beyond the duty of what is expected from family, bearing in mind the English propensity for apologising and not wanting to impose, which at the time was my wife’s objection to my request. Well, Pete transported my framed photographs to the Gallery in Chelsea, and had to have one of the glass panels which I had cracked, fixed! He also represented me at the opening night, which I could not make. Pete is a wonderful musician ( and when we stayed at his flat in Peckham Rye, we had a jam, myself on a cane flute and Pete on the piano, and we came up with a wonderful ditty, that he put lyrics to, and got one of his classes of  inner city kids to sing, which he gave as a gift to us.

So in the tradition of getting “strangers” involved, the idea was born to hit the streets of Cape Town, and see who would be willing to send greetings, and best wishes for him and his wife on their wedding day! the results were amazing, as you can see below.

It gets interesting after the first minute or so!

Here is some more information about Pete and what he does:

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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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