peace and blessings be with you.


one of the things I realized in hindsight  about photography that I enjoy, is being able to see relationships of things to each other…


the relationship of a multinational petroleum supplier to the atmosphere for example…


I like the shape of the incursion into the open space of the sky, and the contrast of the red and blue.


in continuing with the theme of shapes , and skies…


government installation 1 ...
government installation 1 ...

another thing about photography that I also enjoy is that occasionally one finds oneself looking up.


government installation2
government installation2

from the outside , the two buildings above have an almost science fiction futuristic feel, and could as easily be outposts on an alien planet. the words grim, stark and authoritarian springs to mind….though there is a an appealing comfort in the predictability, the feelings of solidness of the structures that has to mentioned. it could also be the governments approach to modern art?

is there anyone out there that can answer a question for me? were these buildings constructed during apartheid? I am of the opinion that they were.


as always I look forward to your comments.









Published by yasserbooley

I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

3 thoughts on “shapes…

  1. Yo yo….

    Cool pics of what is usually a mundane addition to any city, you somehow manage to put the *mint* into government buildings…
    So I found this cool link, Check out the link for buildings…pretty comprehensive list they got going on there 😉
    PS Happy anniversary for yesterday !!!

  2. I am impressed as always with Ur work as I knew/thought I’d be…U are a rare talent…can’t wait to collaborate on another project together with U* Keep it up/continue 2 have faith & market yourself as U do* Ur genius I will never forget or neglect:this I promise U…

  3. thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words!!! please click on the rss feed and subscribe, that way you will be alerted when a new post goes up.

    keep in touch jill , and send this site to all your magasine connections please ..



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