Peace and Blessings be with you.

I would like to congratulate everyone who visits this post, and everyone who passes it on to their friend, males links to this site and posts comments. Last week and Friday I sold my first canvas print as a result of this site!!!


1 of 25 gone....
1 of 25 gone....


This thrice repeated  thank you goes to a woman who has in the past supported me by buying my work, though more importantly, bought my work because she wanted to (and did) hang it on her wall.



For continuing the tradition of support, for motivating and encouraging, and  for all the times that you have delighted us ( and here I speak for the thousands of people you have performed for lady) with your voice and spirit, THANK YOU  Zolani!!!

For those of you who dont know Freshly Ground, you need to do some research !!! , , and  !! 🙂


and now for another moment I stumbled upon….


it only exists if i can put it in my mouth!
it only exists if i can put it in my mouth!

At the end of 2002, at the behest of my 85year old grandmother, I joined her on a train journey to Johannesburg. Let me elaborate on the significance of this journey with regards to Mamma; it took 28 hours! I was implored by her to be her guardian as it was the condition stipulated by my mother and her brother for her participation in this journey of support and protest. Yes, we were on our way to the World Summit for Sustainable Development, yes it was part of a coordinated effort by the Cape Town muslim community to protest and show solidarity with the Palestinian peoples at this international event, and yes my grandmother had it in her mind to walk the 12km from Alexandria township to Sandton ! Thankfully her feet were swollen after the train journey so she could not participate in the march, it was 35 degrees in the shade that day. If you ask anyone who really knew her, they would tell you what an incredibly strong woman she was, how she had to be with the life she endured…. but this is a topic that requires more space than a blog post, and more dedication than 45mins on my laptop.

She does not live in this existence any longer, she has joined all those who have gone before us. May the Lord of the Universe, The Source of Peace, The Maker of Beauty Bless her, Bestow Peace on her, and Grant her a Return that is filled with Light.




mamma janie...
mamma janie...

Mamma Janie (first from left)










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