Peace and Blessings.

I am working on completing my website. Thus far the more commercial elements of my work has been uploaded, but i am saving the best for last, the nuts and bolts of my passion, telling people’s stories through the lens. 

I am sitting at the studio in Woodstock, just having completed a group event on Facebook for the talk we are hosting next week. As of yet, I am not sure how many people are coming and we have no budget for catering! There is a strong possibility that the infamous Funifuji will grace us with her presence and rock the decks, well , quietly in the background that is, and maybe a bit later we will have ourselves a little get down, but lets see…

You know how sometimes all you need is the right kind of music to keep you going, to keep you focussed and inspired? Well today, and yesterday it just so happens to be Chopin’s  Nocturne! The man was a genius! Do you remember the pianist from Australia…? He had some kind of health condition… and there is a hollywood movie version of his life, David Helfgot I think his name was. I had the privilege of seeing him perform at the Baxter theater some years ago, and I was BLOWN AWAY! 

Whilst on the topic of inspiration I would be sorely remiss if i did not mention Little Dorr, by Charlse Dickens! I wish i could have said I read the book, but I would lying. Recently, upon the recommendation of  my mother in-law we started watching the TV series produced by the BBC, and it has become clear that in the category of genius Mr. Dickens has a firm footing. His portrayal of human nature,the depth of his characters, the story line and the plot, all totally gripping.

As I mentioned in the very beginning I am editing images to go into the reportage section of the website, of which the image below is part of.

Heideveld train station



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I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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