First Successful event at 6DCA!

Peace and Blessings be with you.

Gary Hirson speaking at 6DCA.

A good evening was had by all who attended the first talk hosted by 6DCA last week and Tuesday. We were most pleasantly surprised by the turnout, which seemed to number  30 people! Thank you to all the people who came out to join us! 

Paying attention to Gary's journey.

Gary took us on a journey to the far east and many other places that was powered by the belief in his dreams, and a stubborn adherence to his values. One of the messages that I personally took from his talk was that fear weighs kilograms, but regrets weighs tons! At a critical point in his life he gave up a job that would see him take the position of director, with health benefits car allowance and all the trappings of a corporate position to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. He now writes and shoots for local and international travel magazines!

The audience.

The people who attended came from many different backgrounds, and found out about the talk from surprising sources. 

Viewing the work of the Iliso Labantu collective.

On the night we also presented for sale the collected works of Iliso Labantu (the eyes of the people), a collective that promotes and supports township-based photographers.

We are excited to present out next event : “the menu and the movie”

on Wednesday , 23 December at 1900 at our studio. 194 Victoria road Woodstock, where we will be screening a movie for free, and selling food, which in this instance is Fish (either snoek or hake) grilled on the coals with grilled veggies and savory rice. So for all those interested in chilling out, watching a movie, and then having a wonderful meal, please join us!

It  is not absolutely necessary, but would be appreciated if you could let us know if you’re attending so we can make appropriate arrangements regarding numbers:)



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