Beauty, time, reflection, oh …. and beans.

Peace and blessings be with you.

It is easy to jump over ones passion in the race for the rent, the debit orders and all the other obligations we have to fulfill. I find with myself the distraction that comes with this mad dash makes it hard to see the wood for the tree, or the light for the image.

Rebecca's Orchid.

The unfolding of such an exquisite flower is something that has been designed and placed into the seed, its germination, growth, blossoming and death is recorded for it in its genetic code. It has become a prevailing attitude that this is our one shot life, so do , take, say, live however you want to, without consequence to the next person. It has also become a prevailing understanding that through the actions of human beings, our life support system ie nature is dire straights along with the future of our children.

Freezing time.

One thing that we may be running out of with regards to our environment is, well you guessed already. Calendars, appointments, meetings and schedules. Corporate thinking has invaded our lives, well actually we invited it in, offered it a cup of tea and a fat slice of chocolate cake, as long as it can give us our piece of the pie. The watch was a gift, from a Tunisian man in Edinburgh who had recently undergone a successful liver transplant. He no longer had need of his watch, interesting how it was  no importance to him anymore.

The bathroom floor after a shower.

The light reflects off the small puddles that collect on the floor. Pretty.

Baked Beans.                                                                                 Baked Beans.

And now to end off, with a can of beans “but what does it all mean Brain?” .



Published by yasserbooley

I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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