Intimate Familiarity.

Peace and Blessings be with you.

There are things we all possess that if one were to put on a table at a flea market one would not necessarily sell them for large amounts of money, though to each of us there is a value attached to this specific thing, an association or memory that comes with a value that cannot be traded as its intrinsic value is the human experience in the transaction of life. The beauty of a moment is its transient existence in a continuos stream of moments where one is witness to the thoughts and feelings of ones self in this large sometimes overwhelming life. 

A glass not washed.


Water after dark.
Hang on.
Beloved Daffodils.

where i am going with this was explained in the previous attempt at writing this blog, which took me less than an hour, but was lost into the ether never to be recovered, despite me seeing the autosave flicker numerous times!!

What I am  trying to say, is that in todays age ( honestly not trying to sound like a high school principal singling out mischief makers in front of the entire assembly) we do very similar things to survive ( especially with regards to clean dishes, clean clothes and water plants given to us by loved ones) that besides the high swinging hard hitting philosophical reasons for us respecting, greeting, protecting and sharing a smile with each other,  aren’t the littler ones enough?



Published by yasserbooley

I live and work in cape town South Africa as a freelance photographer .

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